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This Wiki is about everything related to the Defender video game series for the Gamecube,PS2, and XBox.It is an awesome science fiction 3D shooter game. If anyone has something to contribute, please, by all means, add something.

The Swarm Wars

In the next century, Earth is under attack from a strange alien race, known as the Manti. After evacuating everyone to Mars, mankind formed a military called the Galactic Stargate Authority(GSA) and now they're trying to go on the offence!

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Erex Malren Erex Malren 29 May 2012

Fanon Wars!!!!

Hey Guys!!! Well I know we don't gots alot of members but we wanna have a fanon war!!! Create an organization on the Fanon Portal, and then declare war with the user you wanna have a war with!

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Erex Malren Erex Malren 20 May 2012

Defender News!!!

Hey guys.. Although Midway Games is going bankrupt I just learned that they have renewed thier copyright for Defender! So they will have an iOS and hopefully Android... I'm attempting to contact Midw…

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Erex Malren Erex Malren 29 March 2012

Fanon Portal

Hey guys, I have renamed myself to Erex Malren...but I also have an awesome Announcement for you all! We have opened a fanon portal, where you can make up anything that relates to Defender. But pleas…

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