Manti Yellowjacket
Manti Yellowjacket
Manti Information
TypeAir Unit
WeaponHoming Projectiles

A mid-level attack unit, the Yellow Jacket is slow and doesn't have a lot of hit points(more than a lander, less than a breadbasket), but it fires a burst of long range projectiles that is hard to avoid. It is possible to avoid the attack entirely by outpacing the projectiles and doing fly-bys, essentially rendering this manti obsolete


Manti Yellowjackets are a type of light bomber used extensively during the early stages of the Swarm Wars. As the war progressed, they became much less common. They have a different body shape than most Manti, possessing a harder carpace and eight rear-facing limbs. Two of these limbs undulate, producing a steady movement in the atmosphere. Their energy propulsion is quite slow, mainly due to the heavier carpace. They have a bright yellow glow, and are quite expendable. Overall, they require support from basic Manti, and are only used to hit ground targets.

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